Types of paints and their uses

Types of paints and their uses

We are in need of help with paints, types of paints and ideas for our interior. Adapting an old house that requires a lot of interventions so every additional advice can certainly help.

Paint can be the simplest way to transform the space, but really good “paint transformation”, requires much more thinking than just randomly used several layers. For long-term results take your time thinking about the wishes and needs, and of course the appearance that you want to achieve. Since on the market there are many paints of different characteristics, you should probably get to know the following:


Paints resistant to moisture

The advantage of these types of the paint is certainly as suitable for places where there are a lot of contacts with water, generally we think of the bathroom but it can be a garage or similar premises, the same can be erased with a damp cloth without any consequences of damage.

The paint for decorative effects on the walls

This type of paint is also resistant to washing and wiping, and is used in order to perform a decorative effects on the walls and a prolonged drying in order to fix any errors.


Enamel paint

This type of paint is mostly  used for recovering the restroom. Quick and easy to apply, also returns the shine to all the old or damaged ceramic surfaces, especially baths and other sanitary elements. When applied it creates an extremely smooth paint protected layer, a resistant and extreme whiteness and gloss. It can be applied to various substrates; for restoration of the sanitary elements, to restore the paint tile and dark floors, and so on.


Natural paints

Natural paints contain vegetable oils, extracts and simple minerals. Their production does not generate toxic by-products so they do not adversely affect the environment. Natural oils cover wood excellently  to provide long-term protection and plant emulsion with its airiness, allowing the walls to breathe like no ordinary paint could ever do. These paints are commonly categorised as interior paints

Natural paints are recommended for use in children bedroom, and other rooms where are people who should be given special attention. They contain high-quality raw materials and for people and environmentally friendly natural supplements. It does not wipe from the wall surfaces, has antiseptic properties and pleasant smell, and is easily applied by brush or roller.


Acrylic water-based paints and acrylic resins

colourful paints

No harm, no odour, even children can use it. Extremely fast drying, and when completely dried, extremely resistant and does not get destroyed easily. These paints are also commonly categorised as interior paints

After use, brushes and accessories should be washed in warm water with a little soap.

Oil paints (oil-based)

These are characterised by easy spreadability and very good coverage, but it takes a long time to dry  (several days). It has a smell, therefore it must be used in a ventilated room, or preferably outdoors. Therefore it is also commonly know as exterior paints or paints for wood & metal. Brushes and accessories should be washed in an oily extender.

Application – wood joinery, furniture, painting, metal.


Mosquito Repellant Paint

Nippon Paint Mozzieguard

Nippon Paint Mozzieguard

This is a special type of paint which is extremely popular for our tropical climate which is constantly invaded by the mosquitoes. Is a acrylic water based mosquito repellent very useful for  exterior  and interior use for  walls and all kinds of ceilings.  It can also as a finishing coat on appropriately primed and undercoated wood, metal, etc. This type of paint can repel up to approximately three years. Nippon Paint Mozzie Guard is commonly used for this and you can purchase it here: https://hardwarestore.sg/product/nippon-paint-mozzieguard/


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