VIRO 3307 Armoured Padlock

$ 73.44 ( Inclusive of 8% GST )

Body : one-piece body solid forged brass padlock

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Thanks to the high-quality materials used, the exclusive shape that makes them practically impossible to grip with burglary tools and the maximum security mechanism, the VIRO “Panzer” armoured padlocks are the ideal solution for securing shutters, doors and gates.

  • ball type locking;
  • key retaining
  • brass pins
  • mushroom brass counterpins, pick resistant
  • AISI 316 inox stainless steel latches
  • inox stainless steel latch spring
  • inox stainless steel pin springs
  • Warranty w/o registration required
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    Body Dimension

    86x72x29 (mm) AxBxE


    Chrome platted steel

    Weight (kg)


    No. of keys

    03 nicklel pated brass keys


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