Kimtone Interior/Exterior Stained Vanish 1L

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  • Premium quality transparent finish developed for a multitude of applications on interior and exterior timber substrates
  • To protect, beautify and brighten up the surfaces.
  • Formulated from specially modified polyurethane resin, maximum UV absorbers and inhibitors,
  • The finished coat possesses outstanding characteristics such as maximum flexibility timber behavior under tropical climate,
  • Excellent durability, hardness, high gloss and colour retention, resistance to scratch, water and abrasion.
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    01 Litres


    9215-Burmese Teak, 9216-Pitchpine, 9218-Clear Satin, 9220-Yellow, 9221-Dark Nyotoh, Gloss 9211-Peruvian Mohogany, Gloss 9212-America Walnut, Gloss 9213-Indian Rosewood, Gloss 9214-Maroon