Fisco CC30ME Steel Tape 30m / 100ft – 10mm

$ 23.00

Made In England

Product Description

Arguably the best quality (and certainly the most accurate) closed case steel surveyors’ tape on the market, the Fisco CC30ME is the 30m / 100ft version of Fisco’s class leading CC range of EC Class 1 tapes.

The white-coated steel blade features both metric and imperial measurements along its length in contrasting black and red print. Certified as accurate to EC Class 1 standards, these markings are printed using revolutionary ink jet technology which ensures the markings are as crisp and clear as possible.

The blade is coated with a highly durable, matt, polyester lacquer that reduces the impact of abrasion, makes the blade less susceptible to the effects of the majority of common chemicals and solvents and also helps to reduce glare.

Additional Information






EC Class 1 / Class I

Blade (mm)


Blade Material:


Case Material:

ABS impact resistant plastic

Hook Type:

Folding end hook with loop

Weight (kg)



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