Berger plastaseal Oil-Based Sealer-1L/5L/20L

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A chlorinated rubber modified acrylic coating designed for use as a sealer coat for masonry and other mineral substrates. Berger Plastaseal is a premium quality solvent based, interior/exterior primer, designed to provide a sound base for Berger’s textured or smooth coatings. It has good flow and penetration properties and provides alkali resistance and anti-carbonation properties.

  • Resistant to Alkali and efflorescence
  • Resistance to cement alkali which often causes discolouration and chalking on masonry surfaces
  • Anti-Carbonation
  • Prevents carbon dioxide which can cause corrosion, from entering walls
  • Excellent Sealing Property
  • Penetrates and seals the masonary subtrate, thereby protecting the wall from surface moisture intrusion
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    01 Litres, 05 Litres, 20 Litres