Adhesive & Packing Tapes

We supply wide range of Industrial & Home use Glues & Sealants. Adhesive packing tapes such as masking tapes, OPP tapes as well as safety tapes etc are available in our on-line store.
We also supply variety of substrates such as metals, concrete, wood, ceramics and glass. These products are for applications such as general installation, maintenance, replacement and repair works. offers products such as PU, Silicone and Acrylic sealants; PU coatings and epoxy coatings; Metal filled and unfilled epoxies; Super glue; Putty fillers; PVC cement; Contact adhesive; Wood glue; Gasket makers; and Thread locking compounds.

These products are available in small handy tube, cartridge, tub and blister pack suitable for the professional applicators and home users making repair/installation works more refine and easy.

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