How to Cleaning your Paint Equipment

How to Cleaning your Paint Equipment

Singaporeans are constantly sprucing up our homes. Keeping it looking wonderful is a great task. The cleaning, decorating and rearranging can often leave you drained. If you are that Do-it-yourself (DIY) type you will be doing a lot of painting to modify and beautify your home. The worse thing to have to do when finished painting is to clean those brushes and rollers. Instead of just disposing your paint equipment, you may want to keep some of them for a near future use. There are simple ways to get this done easily. Here are a few tips to clean your paint equipment.

Important to note

Your painting equipment can be useful for many years if kept clean. Once you buy all the quality tools from your trusty online hardware store, you will need to know how to take care of the brushes and rollers so that they can be properly taken care of and last longer than one single use. These cleaning paint equipment tips will get your brushes and rollers looking and feeling like new. If you love to DIY your home, you can get any of the needed tools or solutions mentioned below at your Hardware Store Singapore.


  1.     Always scrape off excess paint

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This may seem like something a child should know. However, it is the first and a very important tip. When you are using interior paint which is usually water based it is very important that you leave all excess paint in the paint can. You can probably use newspaper to help get the brushes or rollers clean.


  1.     Use soapy water

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After you have wiped your brushes and rollers as clean as they can be. Then use a little soapy water to wash the brushes or rollers. Place them in a bucket of the water and soap and use your hands or a scrubbing brush to remove the paint. You should remember to spin the brushes in the bucket and dispose of the paint and water that is present.


  1.     Always do an additional rinse

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Those of you with the HOME DIY mentality want your equipment to last. Your brushes and rollers need to be rinsed after the initial wash for this to happen. You can allow your brushes or rollers to rest in your hands over the bucket while under a moderate running tap of water. Work them around in your hands for a minute until the water is clear and clean.


  1.     Wrap your brushes and rollers

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If you are looking to further preserve the life of your paint equipment, you should always wrap them when finished cleaning. This is an important tip especially as it relates to painting brushes. The wrapping process helps brushes to keep their shape. You want your brushes to work well and to look good.


  1. Thinner for oil based paint removal

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If you are not working with the water soluble paint, then you may use similar tips but with one slight alteration. You will need paint thinner. Just as you can buy paint online, paint thinner is also available on the net. You will need to substitute the soapy water used for rinsing with the thinner. Once again you need to firstly get the brush clean by scraping. This is more essential when it relates to those oil-based paints. Primarily, because the more paint on the brush means the more paint thinner, you will have to use.


6.  Repeat tip 2 and 3.

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After running through all the tips from 1 to 3 substituting the water for thinner you will need to also do a final wash with soapy water. The preferred type should by laundry or kitchen soap. Wash as you would have done in tip 3. You should also wrap your brushes just as was suggested in tip 4.



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You need to add these tips to your arsenal. Make sure you check online for the widest variety and best quality interior paint. Remember never to leave your paint brushes or rollers hanging around when you are finished painting. The faster you get on the cleaning process when finished painting, the longer your painting equipment will last.